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Stop California Budget Cuts from Hurting Our Children

It wasn’t too long ago that I began to openly blog about our family’s autism. In my post, The Autism Secret, I wrote about how we first came to experience the disorder and how early intervention was the most significant step we’ve taken on our journey so far. I don’t even have words for what our entire family has gained from the critical resources we’ve received through the North LA Country Regional Center; a private, non-profit organization providing services and support to persons with developmental disabilities and their families.

From 20 months until he turned three, Jacob attended weekly speech and occupational therapy, along with a parent/child social group. We had no idea at the time there would eventually be an autism diagnosis, we just knew our child needed extra help. When we started, Jacob had an extremely difficult time communicating. His speech was limited, he struggled to transition from one activity to another and spent most of his time avoiding eye contact, withdrawing from other people, opting to play with cars and work on puzzles independently.
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